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Online Web Portal Services

Our secure, real-time web portal ensures total visibility of coverage and claims, with a wealth of policy documents at your fingertips.

member portal

For our members: comprehensive information

Wherever our members travel, our online web portal means key data, resources and tools are always accessible. The portal is available on all devices and platforms, and we customise the information available based on each client’s specific needs. 

Through our web portal, members can…

  • See benefits and available coverage, including information for dependents
  • Print a temporary ID card, to access care until a replacement is sent by post
  • Submit and monitor claims, with detailed information available within 48 hours of submission, usually sooner
  • See reimbursement information, including any outstanding out-of-pocket costs
  • Access policy documents, including policy guides, pre-authorisation forms and claim forms.


For our corporate clients: a detailed picture

Alongside comprehensive online services for members, we offer a bespoke suite of flexible reports for our clients, detailing claims, customer service, plan performance and member usage of health insurance. These are available either within the admin portal, or upon request. Our online portals can be co-branded in certain circumstances to reflect clients’ branding, and our developers are constantly working to deliver new services and enhancements

Financial reports

  • Claims paid reports
  • Outstanding claims reports

Claims reports

  • Claims lag reports
  • Large claimants reports
  • Total claims counts
  • Utilisation by service category
  • Utilisation by diagnosis group

Performance reports

  • Case management metrics
  • US Network Savings Reports
  • Turnaround time reports for member reimbursements and provider payments
  • Phone statistics for incoming calls
  • Web portal utilisation report