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US Cost Containment

As one of the largest international US cost containment companies, we are uniquely placed to help companies manage their US healthcare costs.

Many health insurers find the cost of claims a challenge when their members access treatment in high-cost countries such as the US. But at Generali Global Health Services we have unparalleled expertise in balancing outstanding, appropriate care for our members with value for money for our clients.

  • Comprehensive network of direct contract providers in all 50 US states, plus Puerto Rico
  • Access to best-in-class HMO and PPO networks
  • Industry-leading discounts with medical providers
  • Comprehensive expertise in cost containment, including direct negotiations of high-cost claims, subrogation and management of third party costs.

Reducing medical expenses beyond the US

Leveraging the experience and expertise gained in the US market, we offer medical expense cost containment in a number of additional markets. We are also able to adjudicate medical claims from all countries within the Corporate Medical Network.